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A.M.I Paranormal Committee

AMI Paranormal Committee - Dr Michael Likey

We are launching The A.M.I Paranormal Committee on 14 October at 4PM Eastern – 9PM (UK) .

The Committee Members are made up of certified A.M.I Members and the committee is Chaired by Dr. Micheal Likey .

Dr . Michael has had a long and successful career as a Magical Entertainer for many decades, including his own TV series. He is well-versed in Metaphysics and matters of an Esoteric nature. He is an A.M.I Board Member, a MMC at The Magic Circle, and 1st VP of The S.A.M International Assembly.

Additionally, he holds a Ph.D., a Doctor of Theocentric Psychology. (PsyTh.D.), a Doctorate in Divinity, (D.D.) and a Ph.D. in Mystical Research. He is also the Author of 85 metaphysical/self-help/performance hardcover and paperback books.

Access to the round-table discussion is via Zoom. It is open to all Certified A.M.I. Members. Non-members may attend but only as observers.

Obtain Free Access To The Paranormal Committee Meeting

To obtain the Zoom Link and have your name placed on the Admission List please put your name in a comment on one of our usual Page or Group Posts promoting this event on Facebook. Thank you.