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All You Need To Know About AMI

questions and answers
about AMI

Can anyone join?

In principle yes, but you have to, in common with any Private Club, pass an evaluation prior to being accepted as a Member.

How do I do that?

Either an existing Member will sponsor you or you may email a mini-bio. Alternatively, your local Club Secretary, President, or similar can attest to your credentials. See the application form.

What is the main objective of AMI?

The Club has many objectives; however, its principal objective is to bring together an International community of like-minded folk who are principally involved in the Performance of The Art of Magic and Allied Arts.

Who can join?

Anyone irrespective of gender, race, nationality, or creed.
(Under 18s with Parental/Guardian consent)
This includes performers at all levels:
Professionals who are not full-time but perform Magic for a fee

Is AMI in competition with Magic clubs and already established Magic organizations?

No. Quite the opposite – AMI sees itself as adjunct to established organisations, Societies and local Magic Clubs, Rings and Assemblies.

What is Ad Arcana Tutanda?

Loosely translated it is Latin for – We Protect Secrets.

What is the sub motto ?

It is all done with kindness – a phrase used by David Devant the first President of The Magic Circle.

How are decisions made at AMI ?

All decisions are made by the duly constituted Board members, all of whom are experienced Performers both Nationally and Internationally. Each one brings a wide range of truly International Showbiz experience & understands the needs of performers. The Board is made up of ages ranging from mid 20’s to 70’s. In many cases they are also Mentors, Authors, Writers & Teachers. The Board meets frequently via Zoom which Members can participate.

Is there a joining fee?

Yes. An annual subscription of £36.50 GBP or the equivalent in US Dollars or Euros. There is also a one-time processing fee of £4.50 solely for the first year.

What do I get for my Membership?

The main advantage is the use of the AMI logo on your site, Social Media, business cards, and all your Promo material.

This is a highly prestigious asset and an excellent Marketing tool that you can proudly display anywhere you wish. The logo instantly lets everyone know you are a Magician that belongs to an International organization. Especially useful for corporate bookings, exhibitions, Trade Shows, booking agents, and other similar events. The AMI name, logo, and design convey, style and class.

Along with your Certificate of Membership, you also receive free of charge, a mini-booklet entitled, “First Impressions” which offers suggestions, ideas, and tips on Marketing yourself effectively and contains many useful & practical ideas on how to promote yourself and to increase your status & profile.

There are more benefits, some of which are listed in the last question further below.

Can I deduct my subscription as an expense?

Yes, if you are registered as a business or sole trader and declare that on your tax forms. Much as you would with a deck of cards or prop.

Do I get a certificate?

You do get a certificate that is emailed so that you may print on any type of paper to use on your site and all promo material or frame on your wall. Two main reasons that we have elected to do it this way – we are an eco-friendly organization so apart from keeping subscriptions economical by avoiding Postal charges, it substantially reduces our eco-footprint.

If five or more friend/Members of the same club all join at the same time will there be a discount rate for Membership?

Yes. As we wish to involve as many Members as possible a Magic club or organization can elect via its Secretary or President to arrange a group discount.

A Magic club can also enroll all its Members as AMI Members and both AMI and the other club can enjoy a reciprocal arrangement. Much the same kind of arrangement exists between The Magic Circle and The Magic Castle. If your Club wishes to discuss this, please initially email AMI.

Do I get a Membership card?

No. We felt that to supply one will add to the cost of the annual subscription to cover Postal costs and experience has shown that the Membership card goes into a wallet and is hardly ever seen. Also, we want to be eco-friendly and ergo less plastic. However, we will supply an e-version for those who wish to absolutely have one so that they can print it out themselves should they wish to.

Will the AMI issue Awards?

Yes. These will be given for contributions to The Art of Magic and to competition winners.

What else will I get?

Are there other benefits?
Yes. Quite a few and more will be added.

The AMI already sponsors the Magic News Network and you get the opportunity to be featured plus the opportunity to be a performer on Gala Shows and similar events.

You also get free-of-charge access to specialists in Insurance, Marketing, Promotion, Graphic Design, Mentoring, Tuition, Accounting, Taxation and general business advice.

In addition to these, arrangements are currently underway to obtain either direct discounts or vouchers from Magic Creators, Suppliers & Inventors.
Plus arrangements are also underway to obtain discounts on Insurance, Travel, Hotels, and Car rentals.

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