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Amazing 2nd Gala Show And A.M.I. Website Launch


A.M.I. 2nd Gala Show 17 June 2023.

Another wonderful A.M.I. Gala took place on 17 June 2023. A talented International Cast from Malta, UK, USA (Arizona, Texas & Las Vegas-Nevada) Spain, Portugal, Ireland, South Africa & France enthralled the attendees.

Hosted by Executive Producer Anthony Darkstone and Associate Producer Michael Likey, the introduction of each Act was done by spinning a globe and according to where it stopped and landed the Performer was introduced.

The cast included:
President Arthur Tivoli and Board Members, Brian Role`, Michael Likey, Kenton Knepper, Austin Moody , Mark Williams (aka Mind Weak), Frank Zak, Alexander May, Ali Nouira, Michael Kelly, John O’Riordan, Todd Landman treated attendees to World Class Magic as indeed did other Cast Members Orimar Serip and John Nolander. To close The Show were The Guinness Book of Records winners – Solange Kardinaly and Arkadio Jose.

AMI Gala Show

Everything from the classics of Magic, expert card effects, one of which was performed by the A.M.I. President with just one hand as a tribute to René Lavand, a superb chop cup effect, Chinese coins, a floating yellow balloon, a mysterious Egyptian themed effect complete with artefacts from an ancient tomb, a visit to a splendid palace, Mind Magic involving beetles, a Magical buzzard ( yes, you read that correctly ) and Houdini’s razor blades effect were just some of the superb performances.

Much praise and kudos followed after the Show.

One highlight was the Prize Draw immediately following the show. Ticket holders’ names were placed into a hat and drawn. “Sub-Rosa”, the highly acclaimed book by Ariel Frailich was won by Martin Duffy and “Psyched” by Michael Likey another highly lauded book was won by Peterjon. Both books were kindly donated by their respective Authors.

Apart from the wonderful performances and prizes, the A.M.I. website was officially and publically launched during the event.

The Link to a full version of The Show will shortly be available to members of A.M.I.