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A.M.I. Gala Show #3 – Homage to Dan Garrett

Watch A.M.I. ‘s 3rd Gala Show – Homage to Dan Garrett

A.M.I.’s third Gala Show, ‘Homage to Dan Garrett‘ features top-class international acts, all of whose performance relates to Dan’s legendary work in some form or another. The host of the show is no other than Anthony Darkstone, who once again excelled in his presentation during this wonderful spectacle of magic and homage.

Enjoy The Video With Some Wonderful Magic From All Over The World.

The Homage To Dan Garrett Gala Show, an A.M.I. Production

A Wonderful Cast

A huge thank you goes to Joe M. Turner, Alexander May, Mark Williams, Ari Phillips, Michael Likey, John O’Riordan, Frank Zak, and Arthur Tivoli for bringing their talent to this splendid cast.

During the same show, more magicians from all over the world gave a special tribute to Dan Garrett just prior to a ‘Meet & Greet’, that also included members of Dan’s family.

You can still visit Dan Garrett’s website while it is still available.

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