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Une Celebration de l’amitié magique – Gala Show #2

Une Celebration De l'Amitié Magique Gala Show

Watch A.M.I. ‘s Gala Show

A.M.I.’s second Gala Show, , ‘Une Celebration de L’Amitié Magique’ featured several top class international acts, most of who are also Board Members. The show exclusively available to watch live on Zoom, on the 17th June gave the possibility for the audience to meet and greet the artists after the show.

During the same show A.M.I. launched the website so we feel it great that everyone can experience this fabulous show. As David Devant said, “It’s All Done With Kindness”.

The 2nd A.M.I. Gala Show Production – Une Celebration de l’amitié magique

The fabulous cast

The show, produced under the A.M.I. banner and hosted by Anthony Darkstone & Michael Likey, included an International Cast from Malta, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, France, The USA & The Isle of Man.

The cast featured: President Arthur Tivoli, several A.M.I Board Members – Brian Role`, Michael Likey, Austin Moody, Mark Williams (aka Mind Weak), Frank Zak, Alexander May, Ali Nouira, & Todd Landman. Other cast members were Kenton Knepper, John O’Riordan, Michael Kelly, Orimar Serip, and John Nolander. To close the show were The Guinness Book of Records holders – Solange Kardinaly and Arkadio Jose.

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